Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spa Treatment Room Charette

Option One: The design keeps with the very geometric shapes that have been established in other areas of the building. Horizontal lines will convey feelings of repose.
Option Two: Inspired by curvilinear, organic shapes. These shapes would be soothing in the spa treatment rooms, but they have not been used in other areas of the design. This would give the rooms a unique experience, however they may create a disconnect from the rest of the building.

Option Three: This design would use tall vertical lines and organic images to relax the spa users. It also played with the idea of only having a 3-form wall to separate the bathroom inside the treatment room from the rest of the treatment room.

Please, vote on the best idea or combination of any options. I would love some feedback.

Have a good week everyone and avoid getting strep throat like I did!

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