Thursday, March 8, 2012

Locker Room Charette

This is a floor plan view of one of the locker rooms in my facility. There will be a men's and women's on the second floor to facilitate the fitness facility users, and a smaller men's and women's on the first floor to facilitate the staff who will be working in the facility.

The first idea was to have raised back painted glass panels running vertically on the outermost walls with a bright green painted gyp board peeking through the cracks from behind. The wall that separates the locker area from the entrance and sinks would be a tile mosaic. The water closet stalls and the shower stall could also be back painted glass to bring unity to the finishes.

The sink and mirror products came from a company called Rapsel ( The pot sinks do not seem to be very accessible and therefore either need to be modified or thrown out altogether.

The other idea was to have vessel sinks in a more accessible flat counter top that continued across. This would allow for the user to be able to set down make up bags or whatever they need to get ready after a workout. The view below shows more the locker area and its finishes. There will small seating nooks with an upholstered seat and mirror back. The tile mosaic from the entrance wall can be tied in below the seat. The lockers themselves will be a wood veneer with strips of paint above and below for accent. A seating element in the center of the room will also provide a place for the users to sit and put on their shoes.

I am currently in the process of figuring how many showers are adequate in each locker room according to my square footage of fitness spaces. The layout may be expanded accordingly. I also want to add the following sauna to both the men's and women's fitness patron locker rooms, so the floor plan will also need to expand for that.


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