Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We presented our projects on Monday afternoon. We spoke for 4-6 minutes, and then the professionals critiqued us by asking questions about our concept implementation, design features, and finish/furnishing selections.

Note to future foam core users: do not paint foam core boards, they warp

Other than my slightly warped boards, my drawings, renderings, and materials boards looked great! Everyone's stuff looked great this semester, actually. You could really tell how hard we worked. The images make me so proud. Yay for success!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Drawings Complete

This is it. Grueling hours of labor, a slight case of carpel tunnel, and no human contact for the majority of the last month. All to product these drawings. Even though they are not perfect, I am so proud of them and so proud of myself for meeting my deadline. Now on to the physical posters boards and materials boards, but the hard part is over. No words can describe the feeling when your hard work pays off, and you have this creation that is your baby. Yay!

Fitness Reception & Arrival

Perk Cafe

Main Gym Floor

Locker Room

Spa Reception

Spa Treatment Room

Staff Offices & Corridor

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Before PhotoShop

I thought it would be neat to have a set of some before photoshop pictures and then after, so everyone could see my mad photoshop skills. These are just a few of my images. There will be some more and they definitely need some work done.

Spa Arrival

Spa Lobby & Waiting

Spa Treatment Room

Wish me luck everyone, it is down to the knitty gritty! Home stretch! Crunch time! The last hoorah! You get the point.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rendering, Rendering, Rendering

I dubbed this weekend rendering weekend. I am working with Revit Cloud to turn my 3D views into rendered perspectives. I am going to photo shop each image further this week.

This is my fitness arrival space. An earlier blog post reveal the specific of the materials you see here. I have three different color options and I am looking for some feedback on which would be the best.

I am leaning towards the last one for the energy, I have yet to apply the pattern of wall covering and the colored patterns to the chairs. I will have scale figures added in photoshop, also.