Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fitness Arrival & Lobby Materials

This is a preliminary materials board lacking the individual titles for each item, but the details of each selection are listed below. The title block will be further developed into design element for the final presentation and the board with be re-enforced to be more sturdy. I would love to hear ideas for improvement on the board layout.

I need some good feedback on my Furniture and finishes in my fitness arrival and lobby. The concept for this area is energy. Therefore, I chose more saturated materials that should evoke emotions of excitement.

Wallcovering used on lower wall protrusion and behind reception desk and on columns

o MDC; Metallurgy Crush; Turquoise; PCR5525; Papyrus

Wallcovering used between columns on wall behind lobby furniture

o MDC; Callahan; Russet; ENV1220CL; Len-Tex Surface iQ

Paints: Green used above blue wallcovering behind logo lettering, Brown used on trims, Blue used on ceiling soffit over reception

o SW6768 Gulfstream

o SW6110 Steady Brown

o SW6712 Luau Green

Furniture in lobby

o Steelcase; Nurture; Tava; Lounge Chair; Single-seat

Upholstery: Architex; Eel; Unagi

o Steelcase; Nurture; Tava; Lounge Chair; Double-seat

Upholstery: Momentum; Spyro; Chartreuse

Occasional Tables in Lobby

o Steelcase: Coalesse; Calm; Green Granite Glass Top

Pendant Lights over reception desk

o Derek Marshall Sushi Pendant Light #6076-83 Hot Orange/red/white/ wispy glass inferno

Carpet under reception and in lobby

o Reception & Lobby: Carpet; Masland Contract - Flashback 7455 - Blue Monday 54505