Saturday, February 18, 2012

Arrival and Circulation Ideation


On Monday we did a charette for the reception areas of our projects. These are quick activities where we generate three different ideas for the same space. For my arrivals, the first idea is for the fitness arrival and the second two are for the spa arrival.

The first idea is the idea that was voted the best of the three to be further developed. I will also take this design and abstract it slightly for the spa arrival. That will make the spaces connect to each other even though they are different. My goal is to make the two arrivals in my building have two different feeling atmospheres but look like they belong in the same building.

These are some of the materials I am playing around with for the main arrival, reception, lobby, and circulation in the spa areas. I am waiting for many of my samples orders to come in for countertop and flooring materials, but I would still love to hear ways to improve upon these ideas.


The circulation charette that we did on Wednesday resulted in these three ideas for the main corridors on the first floor. The corridor used for Idea 1 & 2 is seen in blue, and the corridor used for idea 3 is seen in orange.

The best idea was number two. This will be elaborated on further with addition of artwork and other elements.

The three plan views that follow show where a ceiling detail happens in a dotted line, usually a dropped down soffit.

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  1. work with color on your sketches - even photocopies will give you an idea as to effective implementation. -- jw