Monday, February 13, 2012

Floor Plan

  • Blue = Spa
  • Green = Fitness
  • Orange = Staff
  • Red = Cafe
  • Purple = Shop

The first floor seen above will contain the arrival/reception/lobby for the the fitness area at the main entrance. The fitness area takes up the entire second floor. However, there are three group fitness rooms located on the first floor with. Two of the vertical circulation with elevators and stairs are convenient to the first floor fitness area and reception. This allows for the connection between the two fitness zones.

The spa entrance is located at the right side of the building on the first floor. The separation of the spa and fitness arrivals will ensure a different experience for the users of each space. Circulation will allow for views to the external environment from lobby and waiting areas as well as when traveling the corridors themselves.

The main fitness floor on the second floor has yet to be developed with furnishings and equipment, but it will be divided into cardio equipment, strength equipment, free weights, and a functional training area. The room that are seen are group fitness and private training along with the obvious men's and women's locker rooms in the center.

This plan is still in the development stage, and I would love any and all feedback for improvement!

Thanks everyone, enjoy the snow!

1 comment:

  1. Spa entry/ reception seems huge or needs to be further development with furniture/ features.
    Depending on what food you are serving in cafe you need more prep and food storage space- refrigerator, freezer, dry storage, paper/ dish storage. Retail might need more stock space, as well.
    Seems like circulation space between spa and staff is bigger than necessary unless you are going to develop it into something wonderful.