Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sitch in the Kitch

As the famous Frank Lloyd Wright always said, the kitchen is the heart of the home. I know this is true of anywhere I live because I love cooking. Not only do I love cooking, but when we have a home cooked meal in my house, it brings everyone together. The only downfall is that I live in an apartment. The appliances do not function to their fullest. There is nothing innovative. My kitchen provides me with the basics to get meals cooks.

Therefore, I dream of living in a house one day with innovations that aide me in cooking. This is why I am interested in Kitchen Distributors, Inc. They are located here in Fayetteville. I have had numerous exposures to their name, products, and even their showroom. My mother uses Kitchen Distributors, Inc. in the high end residential projects of the contractor she works for. One of my teachers this semester has worked as a designer for them. Plus, we toured their showroom for one of my classes last year.

This begs me to consider them as an option for my internship this summer. Since I have a strong draw to residential interior design, this would build my skills in built-in kitchen cabinetry design. Even if I do not work for them this summer, I still think that they are great at designing kitchens. They are at least one business that hold kitchen design to a high standard to make the work of cooking simple, easy, and enjoyable.

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