Friday, April 15, 2011

Hospitality Design

It seems hospitality design is the theme of my week. In my pro practice class we were to research and present about a design field that interested us. I chose hospitality design. Then in my human factors class we had reading to do about hospitality design, and we have had two class discussion about it this week. Might as well continue with the theme in my blog.

A lot of people assume that hospitality design is hotel design. Well the hospitality design industry includes the interiors of hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, and casinos. If I go into commercial interior design, this is the field I want to be in.

So, I did some investigation on hospitality blogs and websites that are out there and came up with this list for you to read and enjoy.

Hospitality Design Magazine Website:

Hospitality Design Magazine Blog:

Hospitality World Network Website:

Dale's Hospitality Design Inspirations Blog:

Restaurant Hospitality Interior Design Articles:

Interior Design Magazine's Hospitality Articles:

Interior Design Magazine's 2010 Hospitality Giants:

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