Saturday, March 19, 2011

Secret Spaces

I was in the middle of a conversation the other day about designing my own home someday. In the middle of listing all the must have elements, secret passageways and spaces was mentioned. The thought of a house filed with all kinds of hidden secrets got me thinking. What would it be like to have a house that was absolutely amazing when you walked through it, but then even more amazing when someone showed all the things you can't see?

One of our jobs as interior designers is to create an experience for the end user. How amazing would it be to have two completely different first experiences of the same space! One time through the space you experience the things that are seen. The second time through the space you experience the unseen. If both of those experiences are made mind blowing by the interior design, then you have just created something special, original, and a design that people will continue to talk about after they leave. As a christian, it is a great metaphor for how beautiful life is in the things we can see and how amazing it is when you take into account the things you cannot.

In order to create this experience through design, you need some ideas of how to create secret spaces. So, I have compiled a bank of images that show secret hideaways and passages for your viewing pleasure...and mine.

This company is called Creative Home Engineering. They can be found at Their most popular types of hidden passageways are bookcases, dressers, fireplaces, and mirrors or paintings. They also have security options that include concealed vault doors, panic room doors, armored doors, biometric access control, and surveillance.

A designer named Lolly Lindeman came up with a design called the grensgeval. It is a door or wall that can change positions because of the two hinges that it hangs on. This changes the way you can open it every time you do. The base design could easily be disguised by whatever is attached to it as long as it does not interfere with the was the hinges maneuver. You can find more information on her website

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